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Costa Rica
Turrialba Bus System
The buses to San Jose,
Siquieres, and Jicotea are
all located in the same
terminal as of April 20,
2005.  Each bus has slot
numbered A1,A2,A3...
Each slot also has the
name of the destination
town.  The slot for Jicotea
is A2 Tuis/Tayutic.  You
need to buy your ticket at
the window.
to Jicotea
Jicotea to
Mon. - Sat.
Mon. - Sat.
Note: We suggest you
store your extra gear at a
hostel in San Jose or
CLICK HERE for a printable
map and directions.
Maps and Directions
From the airport or hotel in San Jose, Costa Rica

Take a taxi to the Turrialba bus station (calle 13, Avenida 8) in San Jose.  Get a
directo ticket to Turrialba.  The bus leaves on the hour, every hour 6am to 10pm.

From Turrialba to Vereh

Option 1- 4X4 taxi 13,000 colones- Ask the driver to take you to Vereh, close to the
school.  Use the map if the driver is unsure. After reaching the school, follow steps
3 and 4 on the map.

Option 2- Bus and Hike- Time is not a factor and you love to see the countryside.
The best bus to catch is the 9am from Turrialba to Jicotea(He-co-tay-ah).  The best
weather is in the morning. Buy your ticket at the window and get on the bus to
Jicotea (A2 Tuis/Tayutic).  Ask the driver to be sure you are on the bus to Jicotea.  
The bus ride is about 1 hour.  Get off at the last stop.  Bring water from Turrialba
for the 10.2km hike.  Cross the bridge and continue along the dirt road following
the map.

Option 3- Bus and 4X4 taxi- Catch the bus to Jicotea from Turrialba.  Get off at
the Pulperia in Jicotea.  The bus will be empty at this point, so you can tell the
driver that you want to get off at the pulperia in Jicotea.  Hire one of the "pirate
taxies", Henry, Rudolfo, or Michael.  Tell them to take you to " La escuela de
Vereh".  It costs 6,000 colones. Follow steps 3 and 4 on the map.

If you have a 4x4 vehicle:
From San Jose you will pass through Cartago, Turrialba (gas), La Suiza,
Platanillo(Tayutic), Jicotea (dirt road starts), and Vereh. If lost, ask for help.  The
road signs aren't very good.  After you pass through Jicotea, you will cross an old
one lane bridge.  From here follow the map below from Jicotea to Base Camp.  1km
after the bridge, you will come to a sharp right turn.  It is easy to miss.
"I know you said up hill, but that
was really UP hill. You should warn
folks about that.
-Mike, Poland
Map of the San Agustin Camp Ground
GPS Coordinates
09°48.720 N
083°32.125 W
San Agustin
09°46.601 N
083°31.095 W
09°46.924 N
083°30.120 W